Watch Pastor Bret Here

Check in here to watch Pastor Bret and join the congregation and classes of Charlotte CRC, in Charlotte MI.

you can try here as well:

You can also friend Bret McAtee on Facebook where these broadcasts will be announced on his Wall.

We hope to present the following broadcasts for your instruction and edification:

1. Sunday Morning Worship Service at 10 AM EST. ;

2. Sunday School at 12:00 (give or take several minutes).

3. Sunday Evening Praise and Teaching at 5 PM (Winter) or 6 PM.

4. Wednesday Morning Class – typically at 9 AM to 12 PM.

5. Friday l'Abri Teaching – 7 PM. ;

The last picture of Bret is him dressed up as Friar Bret at a Renaissance ;Fair.

You can hear an archive of Pastor Bret's sermons Here as well: ;


If you have any problems watching or hearing the broadcast please write:

Please see: for current worship broadcasts.

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